Man charged over 12 offences

The landlord of a hotel in Lancashire has admitted to twelve offences, relating to putting people at risk of death and serious injury, after a number of fire safety defects were found at the property.

This was as a result of a complaint to Lancashire Country Council, which led to an investigation which found that several people were staying at the time, with two being long term residents and others short term residents for varied periods of time.

The investigation found that a smoke detector in one of the bedrooms was covered with a plastic bag, and another covered by a sock, leading to possible issues with detecting any smoke from a fire at an early stage.

Fire doors were wedged open with extinguishers, meaning a fire could spread easily across all rooms. There was also a scenario where the ‘dumb waiter’ was also wedged open which would potentially allow fire from the ground floor to quickly spread to the upper floors through the ‘dumb waiter’ shaft.

There were many other instances which flagged up serious issues on inspection which would cause serious disaster in the event of a fire.

The Landlord, Syed Masood Ahmed, had previously received a number of fire safety notices but continued to allow the premises to be used for sleeping accommodation. He pleaded guilty to twelve offences.


Original Source – Lancashire Evening Post