Data Transformation Manchester

Data Centre Transformation Manchester is taking its title literally and the focus this year is on each of the three strands of our title: DATA, CENTRE and TRANSFORMATION.

This expanded and innovative conference programme recognises that data centres do not exist in splendid isolation, but are the foundation of today’s dynamic, digital world. Agility, mobility, scalability, reliability and accessibility are the key drivers for the enterprise as it seeks to ensure the ultimate customer experience. Data centres have a vital role to play in ensuring that the applications and support organisations can connect to their customers seamlessly – wherever and whenever they are being accessed. DCT Manchester will focus on the constantly changing demands being made on the data centre in this new, digital age, concentrating on how the data centre is evolving to meet these challenges.

Five Workshops on Data, Centres and Transformation are chaired by industry specialists supported by a panel of experts to promote interactive information exchange between the panel and delegates, who also earn CPD points. Workshops are complemented by Keynote presentations from Neal Foster of Equinix, John Laban of the Open Compute Project Foundation and Rudi Nizinkiewicz of Roke Manor Research – formerly at GCHQ. More information at:

Bryland Fire is supporting the event. Please register for free and come and meet the Team on our booth in the exhibit area at the event using promo code: DCTMbf