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Bryland Fire’s comprehensive experience and knowledge of fire alarm systems and emergency lighting allows us to ensure the design, supply and installation of such systems are cost effective, and reliable for our clients, all in accordance with current standards.

Fire detection & alarm systems are required to operate with efficiency, reliability and protection of life and property. All systems require maintenance if they are to work perfectly in an emergency.

Fire alarm maintenance, fire alarm & emergency lighting servicing and testing are not only paramount to a successful business operation but a legal requirement for any business or property.

Bryland Fire are also proud partners of Gent 24 offering high quality & controlled fire alarm systems. Find out more >

Conventional Systems

Conventional fire detection & alarm systems give a basic functioning system for businesses with a smaller square foot where it is not a necessity to have a highly sophisticated programmable system.

Analogue & Addressable Systems

Addressable Analogue Fire System Bryland Fire

Analogue addressable devices are identified with a unique address number on a loop of wiring with a control panel that communicates with each device and reports back an analogue report of how much smoke or heat is detected.

Radio Alarm Systems

Addressable Analogue Fire System Bryland Fire

Radio systems offer a great advantage for heritage or temporary premises due to the ease of portability and installation in areas where cable access may be a problem or where aesthetics of the building or room are important.

Aspirating Systems


Aspirating detection systems work by catching the smallest indication of fire at the pre-combustion stage before there is any visible evidence smoke or flames at a premises. The average speed of detection rate can be up to 30 times quicker than a conventional detection system.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency Lighting Systems Bryland Fire

Emergency lighting is an environmentally friendly system that incorporates the latest in LED and battery technologies which are all in accordance with current legislation. Our qualified and experienced team can advise you on the type of systems available for your property and business.

In Partnership with GENT 24



Bryland Fire are proud to be partnered with Honeywell Gent who exclusively supply their equipment to partners who are selected for their ability to deliver the highest quality service.

Gent is driven by its pride in innovation to continuously improve the integrity of fire detection and deliver peace of mind to all Gent customers. Gent fire detection systems have been developed to the highest possible standards to deliver the most advanced fire detection and alarm system available in the marketplace today.


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