A landlord based in Lincoln who avoided fire safety rules has been presented with an £8000 in fines and costs.

Landlord Mr Abdol Ali Javid Keshmiri has been ordered to pay a fine for 11 charges to do with his management of a multiple occupation home. It was reported that the property was overcrowded, with exposed wires coming from switches and a make-shift kitchen that had been built on the landing, thus creating a dangerous fire hazard.

When officials arrived at the property to inspect, it was discovered that the flat lacked fire escape routes, no smoke/heat alarms were present and the doorways from the ground floor bedroom up to the hallway of the flat on the first floor had been fully sealed meaning that bedrooms on the ground floor had no means of escape if a fire broke out. The windows also did not open.

The make-shift kitchen that had been installed on the landing with a sink and cupboards as well as other appliances left only a small space (19.5 inches) for tenants to escape through in the event of a fire. On top of this, there was no fire alarms present on the second floor, and any fire fighting equipment that was available was not kept properly maintained.

The landlord pleaded guilty to 11 charges for failing to comply within regulations in the management of a multiple occupation house and also failing to comply with the requirements of a housing notice.

We have a job to do in this court, we have to protect those that are vulnerable from people like yourself that are rogue landlords and we have to deter yourself and other people from doing the same. The potential for harm that could have arose from the property from the people living there is very dangerous, these safety breaches are unacceptable.” Magistrate chairman Kevin Moody

Original article by Residential Landlord.